Car Rental Tips – Insurance And Gas Options

Car Rentals Filling Up at Gas Station

You might be looking to get away for the holidays. Maybe travel to another country. Also you may be on a business trip no behalf of your company. During your travels you may need a car for mobility purposes. Also a car may be a prerequisite due to the nature of your business in the said location. Because of the same often people turn to car rental services in order to acquire a car on short term basis. An option that is appealing to most.

However, you do need to worry when renting a car. Some companies may exploit your ignorance through some hidden charges that end up blowing the estimated cots of the rental right out of the water. You need to be smart when renting a car. The following are car rental tips on how to be money-wise:

Research Car-Rental Agencies Prior

There are major international car-rental agencies all over the world. And they offer good cars at fairly competitive rates. However, depending on where you are traveling, the local agencies could offer lower rates. Check into the local agencies, such as the awesome folks at Eastex Auto Rental – car rentals in Beaumont TX, and do some research to see whether they meet the quality of the international car-rental agencies. If so you should consider renting with them as opposed to the international agencies.

Also check on the availability of lower rates for major international and national organizations, flier programs and credit card programs that you might be a member of. Frequently they offer discounts for the same. You might find exclusive discount rates as an employee of certain companies.

Hidden Costs: Insurance and Gas Costs

One should seriously beware of hidden costs when renting a car. The costs you see displayed in big print may not be the actual costs of renting the car. Hidden additional costs may inflate the costs of renting by as much as 200 percent. The advertised rate may be very irrelevant. Costs such as local taxes (Value Added Tax), insurance bills and gasoline bills may inflate the advertised cost to unexpected values. You may even end up paying double of the price you bargained for. The following are the two main costs you are likely to encounter and how to circumnavigate around them to avoid being exploited for every nickel and dime:

Insurance Costs

This is one of the most common extra charge of car rental agencies. For some extra dollars you are relieved of any liability due to damages on the vehicle. Unless found guilty of gross negligence. Insurance is an option in numerous stares in the U.S although in a few it is compulsory and inbuilt in the cost of renting the car. Prior to purchasing the insurance policy check your own insurance. It might cover insurance in a rental car. If it does there is no need whatsoever to purchase the extra insurance. Also, your credit card may provide insurance for the same if you paid for the rental using your credit card. However these policies may have limitations and restrictions on the coverage they offer. These limitations may force you to reconsider your stand on purchasing the extra insurance. An accident in a rental car could affect your existing car insurance policy. If you are not comfortable with the extra risk you may reconsider purchasing the extra insurance as it may be worth it.

Your best bet with insurance costs is to check with your current insurance policy. If you are comfortable with it there is no need to acquire the extra insurance.

Gasoline Charges

You may find yourself paying extra premium costs due to returning the rental car with an empty tank. This may make you want to fill up the tank before returning the car thus resulting in extra gas costs that you did not anticipate for. The smart move is to go to a company the offers the option of purchasing a full tank with your package. This means you can return the car with as much or as little fuel as you want. You will be offered no discount however on unused fuel. You would best do some shopping on your own. This way you can acquire the car on low to no fuel and purchase fuel with a better price per gallon on your own so that you do not pay the premiums of returning the car with an empty tank.


It would be best to put these tips to mind the next time you may require a rental car so that you can save on hidden costs that may result in over inflated costs that could blow your budget.